Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tetrasilver Tetroxide

Someone asked me in a comment to one of the posts on this blog to "review" Tetrasilver Tetroxide and to find out if it cures AIDS or not.

The short answer: No, it does not. There is no known cure for HIV nor for AIDS. If an actual cure for HIV or for AIDS had been found it would have been all over CNN for several days and it simply wouldn't be a secret.

The longer answer follows.

I Googled for "tetrasilver tetroxide AIDS" and came up with several sites. Some touting it as a cure and others debunking it. One of the sites debunking it's HIV-Curative properites was, a site I respect highly. They are a repository of common-sense and good medical information in terms that one doesn't need a degree in Medicine nor science to understand. [commercial over]

A Dr. Pierone (who *does* have a Medical Degree) addresses tetrasilver tetroxide says to "Stay away from the stuff like the plague." I'd have to agree. It's just another in a long line of bullshit.


Anonymous said...

In your post concerning tetrasilver tetroxide, you gave no facts, yourself specifically, and you did was mentioned that someone else, withiut a degree said "stay away from this stuff like a plauge." I order to DEBUNK something, it seems in order to list reasons why it is fraudulent. First of all lets look at the facts. The first is that TST (tetrasilver tetroxide) has a patent granted to it by the United States government that states that is cures AIDS. Now it is worthy to note that you can't recieve a patent on a device or invention that DOES NOT perform as specified, there for by mere logic, to have RECIEVED a patent it by virtue of the process, must work. (patent no. 5676977) Now if you go to the US Patent data base and type in the patenet number, not the name of the chemical, merely the number assigned to it, the first thing that appears is (other than the date it was created) the fact that it is a method of curing AIDS, this comes directly from the US office of Patents. No where in the description of the device is it refered to as a pesticide. The simple fact is that TST as patented BY THE U.S. GOVERMENT is in no form a pestiside or bi product.
Second fact is that TsT contains silver and silver compounds, IT IS A KNOWN scientific and historical as well a cultural fact, that silver has some healing and restorative powers when... access in various forms, so from a scientific stand point, just to say it blindly, if silver has properties that cause it to be deadly to bacteria and viruses, wouldn't a compound based on that premise OR element have the capacity to kill Bacteria or viruses?
Lastly, if you would really like to do some actuall RESEARCH on this subject instead of using alot of profane lanuage, try looking up this few key things on a GOOGLE search: Marvin S. Antelman (creator of TsT), Marantech Corporation, also pull up the COMPASSION RESPONSE NETWORK, to READ what Dr. Antelman actually has done with this invention. There are more scientific FACTS that justify the validity of TsT, maybe had you done your research you wouldn't have been talking out the side of your neck.

Anonymous said...

There is something I wanted to add that I didn't in the previous post, you stated that if there was a cure for AIDS, it would be on CNN for seven days straight. Let me tell you why your theory is false, lets think back to the Tuskegee study, or should I say conspiracy where 600 black males where injected with syphillis, how much coverage did that get, a study that lasted 40 years from 1932 - 1972. it was a study orchestrated by the U.S. government. HIV/AIDS is no longer a disease, it is a financial insititution, the total HIV market in 2006 was 6 billion dollars, and is valued at double that in 2007. If the cure were made public, that 12 billion dollars is gone, considering some companies like Pfizer have invested 4.4 billion dollars in research for drugs which is roughly 15 percent of their total revenue, its simple mathematics, no company wants to loose an investment that sizeable, so they lobby the goverment, or rather senators, and representatives (to whom drug companies committ sizeable donations) to keep something like this surpressed. THERE IS NO MONEY IN AN HIV CURE. Once everyone who has HIV has been cured, then how do you generate money in that sector?? you don't. HIV is becoming the largest single pharacuetical endeavor around that world, and that is literal. Every major Pharmacetical company on the global has invested in HIV research. No Pharmacuetical company is looking for a cure, I gaurantee that, what they are looking for are drugs that surpress the virus, that will allow people to live 20 - 30 years longer while on an 3 drug regiment ( because a 3 drug regiment is protocal for HIV patients )for the rest of their life. Now lets do the math on that, lets say each bottle of HIV medication is 10.00 (and thats being very very conservative) 10.00 x 3 = 30.00.... 30.00x 12months = 360.00 per year.... figure the average HIV pateint is able to live roughly 30 years after detection, assuming they are at the median infection age of 30yrs... 30 x 360.00 = 10,800.00 for one hiv patient over 30 years, well how about 1,000 patients?.... 1,000 x 10,800 = 10,800,000.00. Now this is a very conservative figure, and I gaurantee its far higher, considering 2007 will be a landmark year of 12 billion in drug sales, that will increase exponentially every year. You see the fact is this, HIV is big business, the two industries that have some of the highest yearly gains are pharmacuteical companies and health insurers, now if no one is getting sick from HIV, then whos making money off hiv. Chris Rock said it best..." No drug dealer is going to give you some drugs that will keep you high for the rest of your life. What they will give you is just enough of a hit, to keep you coming back, day after day." Illegal narcotics and Pharmacueticals are the same game, operating under the same premise. And that... is a fact.

BryanB said...

Well, first of all, Mr. I'm-Too-Scared-To-Leave-A-Name, you really oughta read more closely. Perhaps, you failed the reading comprehension tests in elementary school. But, no matter; I'll leave it to the reader of the blog to determine your lack of comprehension skills. But, I will point out that the person who said to stay away from Tetrasilver Tetroxide actually *DOES* have a medical degree.

Secondly, there are literally thousands of "products" and procedures registered by the U.S. Patent office which DO NOT WORK. Just because the title says something doesn't mean it's true.

Third, you ramble on and on about how the Oh-So-Evil Pharmaceutical companies are only out to make money. Perhaps you don't know but patents are at least partially to protect the intellectual property (and therefore the finanacial interestes) of the patent holder. Pfizer has patents; and your Mr. Antleman does, too. (I'm taking you at your word on that.) Why would Antleman want a patent if he wasn't trying to protect his financial interests? Especially since his company was formed to "commercialize a unique category of inorganic compounds". (Taken from an apparently defunct webpage on Marantech's web site.)

(And, for the record, while Mr. Antleman can be called "Doctor" he's not an M.D.; he apparently has a PhD.)

...sigh... It's all so typical; these proponents of these fake cures criticize "Big Pharma" for wanting to only make money and then turn around and ask for money in return. Not one of these proponents has ever been able to describe to me how their different in that regard.

Suprisingly, your commentary stays.

Anonymous said...

Let us be deftly swift about this subject. Regardless of what has been issued in any of the post on this topic, I challenge you to find CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE from at least 3 sources that states that TsT can not do, what the patent states, and what national and international trials have proven. I'll go get my corresponding information, you get yours, I'm confident to the point where I don't have to degrade my opponet, and just present the facts.
Forget the pharmacuetical companies, forget patents used to protect 'intellectual properties' and forget who is a doctor, or a doctor in what capacity (oh and by the way, I'd rather have the opinion of a PHd rather than an M.D. an M.D. merely has to go to school and residency, a PHd must become an EXPERT on every facet of his degree.) Lets get the facts, because I have an arsenal to which you can not match.

BryanB said...

>sigh< Here we go again...

Why must we now "forget" nearly all of your major points, Mr. (or Miss) Eek!-I-Don't-Want-You-To-Know-Who-I-Am? Why do you post as Anonymous? What is your name? What is your affiliation? Why do you use America Online? C'mon! Stop hiding behind the curtain; step out into the daylight so we can see who you are...

Regardless, I stand by the link in the original post; I do not accept your absurd "challenge". The person making the claim must prove the claim. That would be you in this case.

For example, I could make the claim that eating rare Japanese goldfish will raise a person's IQ by 50 points. The burden of proof is on me to prove that it does; not on you to prove that it doesn't.

The same principle applies here. You make the claim that tetrasilver tetroxide cures AIDS, it's up to you to prove it not on me to disprove it.

In your "arsenal" of proof, do you have even one published peer-reviewed study which shows that this bullshit Tetrasilver Tetroxide works to cure anyone of HIV infection or AIDS? (By the way, "Published" in this regard means published in a scientific journal such as JAMA, Lancet, Nature, etc. Being published only in a newspaper, magazine, web site, Newsletter, book, etc is not acceptable.)

This single, published peer-reviewed study is the only proof you need. You don't need an "arsenal"; I'd wager that your "arsenal" is nothing but pseudo-science and anecdotal "evidence".

In any reply, you must provide a link to an appropriate study which meets the above-stated requirements; reiterated here since you seem to have trouble with reading comprension:

The Study must:
1) Be Peer-reviewed
2) Be Published in a scientific journal
3) Show that Tetrasilver Tetroxide cures AIDS and HIV infection.

Any other "evidence" will cause your post to be deleted.

And, by the way, I'd no more trust someone who has a PhD in Plantary Geophysics on matters of molecular biology than I'd trust someone who says they're from the government and are here to help me. (For the record, I do not know in which field Mr. Antleman has his PhD.)

Your revered Doctore Philosophae Antleman doesn't even seem to know what AIDS is and doesn't seem to think that HIV causes AIDS. That sorta kinda relieves him of any credibility in the area of HIV and AIDS research. Better luck next time....

BryanB said...

The above Commentary Exchange took place in early February 2007. No "evidence" from the anonymous arsenal has come to light in the past two months. If it does, please be assured that it will appear here. Until then, don't hold your breath....

BryanB said...

Apparently, the arsenal Anonymous Coward here mentioned nearly two years ago still doesn't have a single peer reviewed study. As I said in April, 2007, don't hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

Go look up the patent number on the official U.S. patent office's website and you will find that the tests run during the clinical trials indeed worked on aids patients - very interesting. Here it is:,676,977.PN.&OS=PN/5,676,977&RS=PN/5,676,977

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes that tetrasilver tetroxide works because it has a patent does not know how a patent application works.

You can patent nearly any method, system or process.

Patents work like this: File a patent and it protects you from competitors for only 14-20 years.

That patent was granted in 1997 so in 2017 it expires and there will be tons of people ready to inject you with poison. Just be patient and stay ignorant enough - you will get your chance to try it.

BryanB said...

Dear Anonymous-With-The-Long-URL-To-The-Patent-Office:

Have those "tests run during the clinical trials" been recreated and replicated by an independent party? In other words, has anybody else -- besides the patent holder -- been able to recreate the results? Have those replicated results been published in a peer-reviewed medical journal?

If they have not (and they haven't been; I'll save you the trouble of looking) then the method *just doesn't work*. It is a fraud.

Anonymous said...

Bryan B, why does a PATENT EXIST for TsT as an AIDS cure....debunk that.

BryanB said...

Dear Most Recent Anonymous Coward:

Read earlier comments on this post. Any moron can patent a process, product, or system (provided it's unique enough) regardless of whether or not the process works. The patent office contains a HUGE number of patents that do not work.

If I recall correctly, the patent is for a PROCESS of *making* TsT not for actually curing HIV nor AIDS.

Some of y'all need to go back to reading comprehension school...

Anonymous said...

You really need to stop calling people anonymous cowards, because you give yourself too much credit if you think people will make a username on this site just to let you insult their real name while you cite falsified information.

BryanB said...

I'll get right on that, Ironically Anonymous Coward....

What exactly would you have me call someone if they chose to not give me their name? Or even a nick name. If they're gonna spew out a bunch of bullshit, shouldn't they be ballsy enough to stand behind it?

Further, this isn't a site; it's a blog. You don't need to create an account; you can use "Name/URL".

And, would you be so kind as to point out the falsified information that I have cited. I fail to see where it is. Thanks! You're a doll!!!